Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions every week, and sometimes those questions tend to be the same thing.  If you don't see your question listed below?  That's okay, you can email it to us at "". Make sure to include the name of the drive-in you are asking about in the subject line.  Thank you!

Do You Have speakers on the poles?

o No, we transmit the sound on FM stereo. You may use the radio in your car, or we do have a limited number of radio's we will rent out for $1.00 for the night.

Can I park my truck backward and sit in the back?

o Yes, you may sit in the back of your truck. We only ask that nothing is above roof level of your vehicle so that you don't block the view of people who may park behind you.

What is your rule on saving spots?

o The Drive-In is a first come general admission environment. We ask that patrons who want to park together please arrive together. Each vehicle is allowed 1 spot which is 10 feet wide.

Can we bring a blanket and lay on the ground?

o Because there are so many cars around, lying on a blanket is a hazard. Instead, we suggest folding chairs if you want to sit outside the vehicle. Remember, you may only sit in your allotted spot. (Most patrons sit in front of the vehicle facing the screen if they bring chairs.)

What is proper procedure for leaving during the movie?

o This one is very important. If you need to leave during the movie, please be ready to pull off the lot when you start your car. Since so many cars have automatic lights, it is rude to start your car while you're still picking up your belongings. Security will ask you to turn off your lights if you have them on and you are not moving.

May I bring my dog?

o Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome.

Do you play the movie if it rains?

o Yes, we still play the movie in the rain. We will only call off a showing during severe weather conditions such as tornado watch advisory and/or high winds.

May we attend in our motor home since we are on vacation?

o Yes, all you need to do is ask a parking attendant to show you where to park.

Why do you sometimes show the same movie for 3 or 4 weeks in a row?

o That would be a new release. When we book a brand new release, we are required by the movie company to keep it that many weeks. If we keep getting new releases then this is the situation. When this happens we try to swap out the second feature weekly.
We try to have a mix of some new release movies and some that are a few weeks old.

May we bring a grill and cook on the Drive-In lot?

o No. We ask that you please use our concession, because it is food sales that keep this business profitable. If we don't sell food, we can't afford to stay open.